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Quantum SDLT1 SDLT 0,498 mm

Quantum MR-SAMCL-01 SDLT1 SDLT 0,498 mm 768268018402
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Merk artikelnummer MR-SAMCL-01
EAN 768268018402
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The Market
With the exponential growth of the Internet and continual advances in
networking and communications, the demands on data backup and
archiving are relentlessly increasing. Over time, one technology—
Quantum DLTtape—has proven up to the challenge by providing
extremely robust, scalable and dependable performance. Now, Quantum,
leader in tape technology, delivers again, achieving an even higher level of performance and capacity in the new Quantum Super DLTtape I tape media. With outstanding versatility, Super DLTtape is the quality media of choice for every application from entry-level departmental servers to
complex enterprise-class storage area networks.
A New Level of Capacity
Combining next-generation technical innovations pioneered by
Quantum together with proven magnetic and optical technologies,
Super DLTtape I sets a new level of capacity and reliability. For
example, by transferring optical servo guide information to the opposite
side of the media, Super DLTtape I enables a significant increase in the
number of recording tracks on the data-bearing media surface. As a
result, a single Super DLTtape I cartridge provides up to 160GB native or 320GB compressed storage. Super DLTtape I also achieves superior
reliability with a positive engagement tape leader buckling mechanism
and a robust cartridge-shell material that supports the increased
load/unload performance demanded in high-end and automated
computing environments.
A Proven Choice
Quantum DLTtape drives and media are the industry standard in data
storage. By any measure, the Super DLTtape I cartridges deliver the
investment protection and extensible platform to meet most storage needs.


  • Tape-maat : 0, 498 mm
  • Afmetingen (BxDxH) : 105,6 x 105,3 x 25,4 mm
  • Mac-compatibiliteit : Ja
  • Dikte tape : 8, 75 µm
  • Tape durability : 1000000 passes
  • Gewicht : 222,5 g
  • Leessnelheid : 16 MB/s
  • Opslagcapaciteit : 160 GB
  • Soort tape : SDLT
  • Levensduur archiefopslag : 30 jaar
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