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Quantum SDLT II 1,27 cm

Quantum MR-S2MQN-01 SDLT II 1,27 cm 768268020207
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As backup environments become more complex, the need for manageability
continues to grow. That’s why the new Quantum Super DLTtape II
cartridge is the first tape cartridge designed to fully leverage the latest data management offering from DLTtape Technology —DLTSage™. Now,
IT professionals can monitor media and drive diagnostics to better
manage, predict and proactively prevent backup system errors.
Designed for use with the new Quantum SDLT 600, the Super DLTtape II
cartridge delivers a monstrous 300GB native (up to 600GB compressed)
capacity. Incorporating DLTtape’s new eMP60™ tape technology,
the Super DLTtape cartridge provides customers with the highest reliability available.

Tape Technology Innovation
Everything in the Super DLTtape II is designed to enhance reliability,
capacity and performance to provide IT professionals with vast
improvements in tape storage. And, with the added benefit of DLTSage
functionality, this new media cartridge puts the power of knowing that
data is safe, secure and protected where it belongs — in the hands of
IT professionals everywhere.

Building on a Great Heritage
Super DLTtape II extends the proven success of the Super DLTtape I and
adds to the solid achievements of the entire DLTtape platform. DLTtape
Technology is chosen by 98% of Fortune 500® businesses to protect their
business-critical data. And now, the choice of DLTtape has a compelling
offering: Super DLTtape II.

A New Level of Capacity
Combining next-generation technical innovations pioneered by Quantum together with a proven magnetic and optical technologies, Super DLTtape II achieves a new level of capacity and reliability. For example, by
transferring optical servo guide information to the opposite side of the media, Super DLTtape II enables a significant increase in the number of recording tracks on the data-bearing media surface. Super DLTtape II uses a new Super PET (S-PET) base film. This is a super-tensilized version of the PET base film used for previous generations of DLTtape. The S-PET base film strengthens the tape, enabling an overall thickness reduction of 10%. This results in an extra 200 feet of media in a Super
DLTtape II cartridge versus a Super DLTtape I cartridge.
The combination of metal particle orientation, a dense binding system, a smooth coating surface, and a specially selected S-PET base film, allows the Super DLTtape II media to accept shorter wavelength recording and achieve higher density and performance with better signal response and improved signal strength than Super DLTtape I media and other technologies.


  • Tape-maat : 1, 27 cm
  • Tape-lengte : 630 m
  • Afmetingen (BxDxH) : 105,6 x 105,3 x 25,4 mm
  • Capaciteit met compressie : 600 GB
  • Dikte tape : 8, 00 µm
  • Tape durability : 1000000 passes
  • Relatieve luchtvochtigheid, in bedrijf : 20 - 80 procent
  • Tape life : 30 jaar
  • Temperatuur, in bedrijf : 10 - 40 °C
  • Luchtvochtigheid bij opslag : 20 - 80 procent
  • Vormfactor : Super DLTtape II
  • Magnetische coërciviteit : 2600 kA/m
  • Kleur van het product : Blauw
  • Temperatuur bij opslag : 16 - 32 °C
  • Gewicht : 222,5 g
  • Soort tape : SDLT
  • Opslagcapaciteit : 300 GB
  • Bedrijfstemperatuur, bereik : 79
  • Registratietechnologie : SDLT 600/600A
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